Sure Footing in a Shaky World: Best Practices in Today's Classrooms that Will Stand the Test of Time

Decades in the future, what from today’s instructional thinking will we look back upon and declare, “Wow, we had that right,” or, “Whoa, how could we have been so blind to students’ learning?” Join us as the advanced-age version of Rick Wormeli (in costume) from the year 2075 travels back to us through a time vortex to 2019. 

As his older and younger selves, Rick reminisces on the teaching and learning practices of today’s classrooms that will stand the test of time all the way to his contemporary world in 2075. 

With wigged out hair and an ever-young and creative mind, Rick rifts on educational salience, lifting those teaching/learning elements in modern practice that are sure to last into the decades ahead. Updated regularly, the address provides not only vision, but substance for robust teaching. Don’t miss it, and be sure to say “hello” to the visitor from the future!