Cultures of Thinking in Action: 10 mindsets to Guide Transformation (World Premiere)

Transforming schools and classrooms into cultures of thinking is more than merely instituting a set of practices. As useful as practices like thinking routines, documentation, and effective questioning can be, culture runs deeper. Culture is built on our values and beliefs and embedded in the messages we send. Thus, deep and lasting transformation must begin by embracing a set of beliefs about teaching, learning, and schooling. In this plenary, we will explore through active, interactive dialogue with our peers the 10 principles that we use in the Cultures of Thinking project to drive our action. These principles motivate and guide our actions and provide the touchstones we need as we create places where thinking is valued, visible, and actively promoted. We will also take a look into classrooms to explore ways we can see these principles in action.

Participants will learn:

– The 10 mindsets that underpin and lay a foundation for cultural of thinking practices.

– How these mindsets shape what happens in the classroom and across the school.

– How these mindsets connect to theories of action we can use to shape and evaluate our progress in putting these mindsets to work in our schools.

– The research behind these 10 mindsets and why they matter.

– To identify some specific “observables,” “do-ables,” and “ponderables” that can help you to move forward at your school.