Creating Cultures of Thinking Right from the Start

From the first day of school we begin the process of growing a culture of thinking. The Project Zero Classroom provides a perfect opportunity for to reflect on how we built a culture of thinking with our students at the start of the last (or current) school year, learn from effective practices of others, and begin to prepare for the next school year.  Of course, building culture is more than just a set of practices, we must also learn to marshal each of the eight cultural forces (expectations, time, modeling, language, routines, interactions, opportunities and the physical environment) as we teach day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month. While each force is important in building a strong and cohesive culture, our interactions with students early on are especially salient in setting the tone and building the relationships and trust we need for a productive year. This keynote session will focus on important ways we interact with students to build a culture of thinking, exploring ten things to say everyday to our students and why those matter. It is through a strong and supportive culture that we can best nurture critical and creative thinking dispositions. 

Participants will learn:

– The eight forces that give rise to group culture and lay a foundation for creating a culture of thinking. 

– How teachers and school leaders create cultures right from the very start of the school year and effective practices for doing so.

– 10 things we need to say to our students everyday to help build a culture of thinking.