Enculturating Thoughtful Learners by Building a Culture of Thinking

During the masterclass, we will focus on the practical and concrete ways educators can create a culture of thinking in their schools and classrooms, foster the kinds of thinking opportunities that lead to deep understanding of content, and how to look for evidence of student thinking and understanding. This masterclass offers a unique opportunity to explore the cultural forces of: interactions, modeling, environment, routines, language, opportunities, time, and expectations. Throughout the masterclass, participants will use a variety of thinking routines to facilitate their own learning and explore how each of these can be used to create more thoughtful classrooms.

Participants will explore and build their understanding around:

– What is a culture of thinking? What does it look like and feel like?

– The role messaging plays in both understanding and shaping of group culture

– How can we assess, understand and shape the culture of our classrooms and schools to most effectively build a culture of thinking?

– How can the cultural forces that exist in each classroom support and further develop a culture of thinking?

– How can educators use thinking routines to structure, scaffold, and support students’ thinking?