The Power of Visible Thinking

The idea of making students’ learning and thinking visible originated at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and has captured the interest of schools and teachers worldwide. In particular, the use of thinking routines as valuable tools for scaffolding and supporting learning has become a core practice in many schools. This year, we will publish The Power of Making Thinking Visible. In this masterclass we will explore six powers of making thinking visible and examine some of the new routines that are a part of this new book. These include routines for engaging students with others, engaging them with ideas, and engaging them in action. We will explore how teachers move beyond the use of routines as good activities to their establishment as patterns of thinking. What do classrooms look like when such patterns take hold? In this interactive masterclass, participants will have a chance to learn how teachers are working with thinking routines to transform their classrooms into cultures of thinking, and to use the routines themselves to see how they work as tools for all learners. 

Participants will learn:

– How to make students’ thinking visible through the use of routines

– How routines can be used as formative assessment tools.

– How routines are constructed to facilitate thinking and address learning challenges

– The kinds of thinking students must do to build understanding

– How to use routines in different content areas and grade levels.