Achieving Quality Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices: The Role of Collective Efficacy (Singapore Premiere)

Successful educational reforms are defined by deep levels of implementation of what is known to work best in systems, schools, and classrooms. When educators share a sense of collective efficacy, it results in deeper implementation of high-leverage leadership and instructional practices. 

System and school leaders’ efforts toward successful change reforms are better served by strategically and intentionally considering how to foster collective efficacy throughout the enactment and assessment of improvement initiatives. In this keynote, Jenni examines the role of collective efficacy in achieving quality implementation of evidence-based practices. 

Highly efficacious teams do more than welcome new instructional practices into the mix; they find ways to bring theory and practice together in their unique environments in order to produce positive results – regardless of other circumstances. In this session, Jenni will share four processes used by highly successful learning communities in creating the conditions for mastery (the strongest source of collective efficacy) in schools.