Quality Implementation: Leveraging Collective Efficacy to Make ‘What Works’ Actually Work (Singapore Premiere)

Entrenched beliefs are often a barrier to quality implementation in schools. In addition to collective efficacy, other mindframes can serve to either impede or support school improvement initiatives. In this session, participants will consider belief systems that inspire powerful impact in schools and explore how to help teams develop different ways of thinking. Participants will examine ways to tap into the sources of efficacy including mastery experiences and vicarious experiences. Participants will also consider how to influence efficacy through persuasion and by capitalizing on positive affective states.

Participants will:
•    Identify opportunities and challenges in regard to achieving quality implementation in educational settings;
•    Distinguish between four interrelated dimensions of scale (in relation to scaling change initiatives in schools);
•    Describe a process through which quality implementation occurs in schools;
•    Consider ways in which collective efficacy beliefs serve to either impede or strengthen quality implementation of evidence-based practices in educational settings;
•    Identify ways to foster the development of positive mindframes amongst the school faculty;
•    Identify key features of mastery environments and key areas of focus for creating mastery experiences in teams;
•    Identify strategies for establishing a culture that enables observational learning;
•    Identify ways to strengthen observations so that models serve as efficacy shaping sources;
•    Understand the role of feedback in fostering collective teacher efficacy.