How Not To Be Wrong: 7 Myths About Education (World Premiere)

Personal beliefs play such a strong role in education that it is easy to forget that there are some things on which the research is relatively clear. In this keynote, Dylan William will address seven widespread educational beliefs:

1. Experts can judge good teaching when they see it
2. We can evaluate teachers by the progress their students make
3. Insights from neuroscience can improve teaching
4. Authentic activities are the best way to teach
5. Humans know when they are learning and when they are not
6. Randomized-control trials (RCTs) are the most reliable guides on how to improve education
7. Knowledge isn’t important. You can always Google it

Dylan will then show that each of these are not just lacking evidence in their support but are, just incorrect.

By the end of this session, participants will understand why each of the seven myths are untrue, and how to evaluate similar claims when they are made.