Virtual Event, Premieres 2 Nov 2020

This notice is for delegates who registered for the conference before April 2020.


Update 2: New!

Hope you are keeping safe. We have received a number of queries and feel it is important to share these important updates and clarifications on the virtual conference.

– Virtual access will be granted to the delegates via email in late October via our online platform called Thinkific. In the email, delegates will be requested to set their own password to access the virtual account.

– There is no need to re-register as your registration is already confirmed. If you need assistance to retrieve your registration details, please email us at

– If you registered for the congress package, you will be entitled to access all 16 keynotes by all 9 speakers.

– If you registered for a masterclass, you will be entitled to an additional complimentary masterclass. Please kindly indicate your choice in the link here if you have not already done so. If we do not receive the choices by end of Oct, a random available masterclass will be assigned.

– The additional complimentary masterclasses will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. 


Format of the Virtual Conference

Please note that the conference is made up of 2 segments.

1st Segment – Pre-recorded presentations by the speakers (to be accessed at your own timing)

Features of the 1st Segment:
– 1-hr pre-recorded video presentation for each keynote (if you signed up for the congress package)
– 8-hr masterclass made up of pre-recorded presentation videos & activities (if you signed up for the masterclass)
– For one-time Viewing by 1 delegate for month of Nov, starting from 2 Nov
– E-Certificate after attendance
– Powerpoints / Handouts Provided

2nd Segment – Post-presentation Live Zoom Consultation with speakers

Features of the 2nd Segement:
– 20-min live zoom group consultation with speaker for each keynote (if you signed up for the congress)
– 40-min live zoom group consultation with speaker for each masterclass (if you signed up for the masterclass)
– The live zoom schedule can be found at the link here.
– The live zoom sessions will be recorded and made available for viewing.


Important Notes
– Delegates are expected to set aside time to finish viewing each video in one sitting. Once the delegate has started viewing the video, the viewing rights will be removed at the end of the same day by night time 2359.
– Please arrange to watch the video presentations before attending the live zoom consultation.

For more info, you may visit the links below.


Update 1: 

Dear Delegates, 

We sincerely apologise for this late update due to the evolving situation. Our management has decided to premiere our very first Virtual World EduLead 2020, from 2 Nov 2020. We will send another email with instructions on how to access the virtual conference in October. 


Exciting updates to this virtual conference include: 

– All the original presenters (Dylan Wiliam, Ron Ritchhart, Jenni Donohoo, Rick Wormeli, Ulcca Hansen, Katie Martin) will be included in the virtual event and more content (at least additional 6 hours of delivery) will be added to the congress keynotes, making it one of the most worthwhile event to fulfill more professional development hours. 

– For those who signed up the congress package, we will include 4 additional keynotes by Dr. Art Costa and Dr. Bena Kallick, World-renowned founders of Habits of Mind and Dr. Douglas Reeves, International Authority on School Reform, Topics include: 

     –  Leading Learning Organizations with Habits of Mind by Dr. Art Costa & Dr. Bena Kallick 

     –  Reimagining & Renewing Our Learning Communities with Habits of Mind by Dr. Art Costa & Dr. Bena Kallick 

     – Fearless Schools by Dr. Douglas Reeves 

     – The New Model of Change Leadership by Dr. Douglas Reeves 

– For each masterclass you signed up, you will get an additional complimentary masterclass of your choice (subject to availability). Double your professional learning hours! 

– All content will be customised to tackle and address the issue of learning during the pandemic Interactive elements like discussion boards, QA, surveys, polls, etc will augment the delegate’s experience and learning 

– Save money and time on travelling and accommodation if you are not from Singapore 

– All the main sessions will be pre-recorded and made available for one-time viewing for a limited time after the premiere date so you can learn at your own pace

– To know more about the virtual conference formats, please visit and 


No further action is required from you if you are only registered for the Congress. 


Action required from you if you registered for Masterclass(es):
For each masterclass you signed up, you will get an additional complimentary masterclass of your choice (subject to availability). Please kindly fill up the online form with your choices that was emailed to you. If you did not receive the email, please email us at

Q: When is the premiere date?
A: The premiere date is fixed on 2 Nov 2020. 
Q: What if I can’t make it on the premiere date?
A: Not to worry. All presentations will be pre-recorded and made available (for one-time viewing) after the premiere date. This gives all delegates the flexibility to access the content at their own pace. There will be an optional live zoom QA session with the speakers after the participants have viewed the pre-recorded videos
Q: If I have already made payment, will there be a partial refund of the fees?
A: We recognised that a virtual conference usually costs less. But in lieu of adding more speakers to our repertoire and at least 6 additional training hours to the congress program and offering 1-for-1 masterclasses, we regret that the conference fee will remain the same and there will not be any refund.
Q: If I have not made payment yet, can I choose to cancel my registration?
A: We regret that the original terms and conditions of non-cancellation stands. Hence, no cancellation is allowed and the fees remain payable in full. We allow substitution of attendees without penalty. 
Q: Can I transfer the congress and/or complimentary masterclass to my colleague?
A: Yes, you may. The colleague you are transferring to must not be a current participant within your group registration. We seek your kindest cooperation that only one person (either you or your colleague) is allowed to view the sessions and only one name will be listed on the e-certificate upon completion.
Q: How many persons are allowed to watch the congress and masterclass segments?
A: We seek your kindest cooperation that only the registered participant is allowed to watch the segments for one-time viewing. We have a security system that tracks the IP of each participant. Any suspicious activities will be investigated which might lead to black-listing and withdrawal of e-certificate.
Q: How do I access the virtual event?
A: We will send you a confirmation email with instructions to access the virtual event by end of October.